This page is dedicated to answering questions or concerns - If you have any questions you would like answered, shoot me an email at

1. What does Ardent Ink mean?

The word Ardent means to be enthusiastic or passionate. This company is based off my desire to constantly create, originating from my personal studies with calligraphy ink...thus Ardent Ink.

2. Shipping is too much money

From time to time I hear this concern. I know shipping is a common barrier stopping customers from ordering. I believe Ardent Ink's shipping costs are extremely fair. Packaging supplies, extra goodies, and USPS rates quickly add up and closely mirror the cost you pay. Shipping is definitely not something I am trying to profit off of. In an Amazon day an age, I know many expect free shipping. Amazon relies on the fact that the massive amount of orders they receive through prime will offset the costs of loss on shipping. This is something smaller businesses like Ardent Ink cannot do.

3. Why are options limited?

Ardent Ink is a new company and a one man shop! There is only so much I can do or carry at once. I am currently focusing on options that I think the majority of customers will like most. As the company expands, I will continue to do my best to offer more, but this is something that will only expand with time.